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Graduate Nurse Program Success: 5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Nursing Employment

So, you have finished university and you are ready to nurse. Well, maybe... Today many nurses struggle to gain a new graduate nursing position. Follow these simple steps and greatly increase your chances of success.

1. Get a healthcare related job whilst you are still at uni.

You may think you are too busy to fit in work around your busy placement schedule, however, even fitting in some casual experience can greatly boost your chances at gaining a new grad position. Some examples of healthcare jobs for nursing students are aged care work, assistant in nursing, pharmacy assistant, home based carers, phlebotomist and physiotherapy assistants. 

2. Build great rapport with your clinical preceptors.

Find a clinical preceptor that is a specialist in your preferred program. These nurses make exceptional clinical referees for your new grad application.

3. Widen your search and apply everywhere.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket... Apply for as many intakes as possible. Try different states, include public and private programs. Ever though about going more rural/remote? Include some rural/remote programs in your preferences. These places often include more rotation variety, increased hands on experience and can sometimes offer financial incentives like heavily subsided hospital accomodation. It's only one year, once you have some experience you will never struggle again to gain employment. Who knows you may even enjoy the adventure!

4. Make your application count.

Nursing job applications are heavily weighted on your resume and selection criteria responses. After all you want that interview! Include all work, placement and education history. Why don't you see if you can ask one of your clinical preceptors to read through your responses. They will be able to point you to the right resources for those more curly questions.

5. If you miss out, keep trying!

So you may feel like the world is ending, but with persistence you will be successful at getting your first nursing job. Try some health related work and keep your foot in the door. Find some nursing short courses online. Get your basic life support, venepuncture or medication updates. You could also try employment in aged care or practice nursing. A set back should not be viewed as a failure. It is just a little more time to regroup and prepare for the next round of intakes.

We all have something to share, if you have any tips, tricks or questions please comment below.

The My Nurse I Nurse community is here to help!

Best Of Luck XXX 

from all of the My Nurse I Nurse Team






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